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Hello! So I was the Miss Martian at Anime Evolution today! I had loads of fun there :) I thought I’d do one last webcam photo set before my cosplay shenanigans get put on hold for a while. I guess there won’t be any more cons for a while.

Haha… I wish the wig was darker, actually. It would have gone better with the green skin. Ughhh the paint was being really stubborn this morning >:( It took me about 30 minutes to get it on my face properly, and even then there were some streaky bits.

I think this might be the last time I’ll be Miss M for a while. I need to take the blue covers off my boots so I can actually wear them to formal events, lol. Also, I’ve decided that I’m not too fond of paint XD Maybe I’ll cosplay Miss M again this summer if I can get a friend to be Superboy :D Alright, I’m gonna wash this stuff off now!

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    Next time for sure!
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    Haha thanks! I loved both your costumes! They looked pretty badass :P Oh, I know the feeling. I was Fionna on Saturday...
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