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Captain America Deleted Scene: Bucky at War

#hey ho lemme whisper at you a thing    #bucky did not want to go to war    #steve did    #bucky realized that steve needed him at home more than the world needed him at war    #but the world never sees things that way    #so he was drafted    #but because steve tried so hard time and again to enlist    #he couldn’t tell that scrappy little punk he hadn’t joined up voluntarily because it would crush him    #so he lied    #and it’s one of those lies he tells steve    #because he has to lie to protect him    #and he goes overseas because running away isn’t an option because steve would never run with him and would never forgive him for running    #even if he’d do it so that steve always had someone to look out for him    #and from the minute he steps foot on the battlegrounds    #he’s afraid    #because steve wanted this and all he can think is how he’s not sure he can survive it    #so how could that little pipsqueak who weighed 90lbs soaking wet survive over here    #and the deeper he gets    #the more he sees    #the more he’s afraid he won’t make it home    #and he never found someone to look after steve    #and who’s going to take care of him now?    #the cocky kid from brooklyn can kick a bully’s ass for picking on the little guy no problem    #but how do you kick the ass of an unstoppable force?    #the closer and closer he gets to the thick of things    #the more he worries    #because steve is going to be alone in the world  #and he made a promise #he promised him ‘til the end of the line’ but their lines were supposed to end together #not like this #and when he’s captured with the 107th bucky’s first thought and last lucid thoughts are for steve #and he finds himself praying to a god he stopped believing in a long time ago and lost even more faith in when he got to the war #praying that if he’d done any good in his life that it be enough to ask one favour #that god send someone to look after steve when he’s gone #becuse he’s not going home and the punk needs someone to watch over him


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Do you believe I can finish it……? I don’t believe in me though lol

but I hope so

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oh wow there goes my math

I met disciplecain for the first time irl at sak! that was pretty cool

I got to show him how colourful canadian money is and rant at him about how he was missing the wonders of tim hortons

how does one live without timmies I don’t understand

thanks for putting up with my rambling all weekend, dude. as you found out, I do not talk any less in person

I don’t want to drink the rest of this but it seems like such a waste

well it’s not like I didn’t plan to drink tonight










ok, idk how easy this is to read but since everyone is discussing dates, i went to the movie to check. this is steve’s rejection from the beginning, his birthday is in the upper right corner and there’s ANOTHEr date in the lower left which I think is supposed to be a today’s date kind of thing and it looks to be June 14 1943

so there we go, steve enlists in mid 1943

#this feels late for bucky to be enlisting #but that isn’t the issue

How interesting that you would mention this, because I’ve recently been thinking he didn’t enlist. His serial number, which he’s heard muttering when Steve comes to rescue him, starts “32557.”

According to this fabulous WWII serial number generator, an enlisted man from New York should have a serial number starting with the numbers “12.”

A New York man with a serial number starting with “32”? Drafted. What we may be dealing with here is a Bucky who didn’t choose to go to war but was instead compelled to do so versus a Steve who is desperate to get in. I think it opens up a lot of different and interesting storylines for the two of them.

There’s been some great meta/discussion about this in the last couple days, which I think is great.

Makes you wonder if Bucky got the draft, and then, knowing how Steve felt about things, told his best buddy he was “enlisting.” Because how do you face this skinny, brave idiot who just won’t stop trying to volunteer that you wouldn’t be going if you didn’t have to?

Of course he did

I mean he also told all the ladies that, because it made him look better

but first he told Steve, because of the look on his stupid face

But NO ‘cause then that means he wasn’t even willingly IN THE SITUATION THAT PUT HIM INTO HYDRA’S HANDS

Shhhhh shhhh 

it’s okay

he probably doesn’t remember that he was drafted anyway




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- Name: Lumi
- Eye Color: you can only tell it’s brown and not black if you shine a light into it
- Hair Style/Color: if I don’t have scratches on my neck, I like to tie it into a bun. it was brown, but I’m growing it out black again, so it’s kind of weird
- Height: 5’1”
- Clothing style: somewhere between exhausted university student and 14 year old kpop star
- Best physical feature: my eyes are nice and fun to decorate. I like my smile a lot. my waist is pr nice too 

- Your fears: the borg, singing in languages I don’t speak
- Your guilty pleasure: taylor swift songs
- Ambitions for the future: become an established composer


- Your first thoughts waking up: fuuuUUUCK

- What you think about most: schoolwork and avengers aus

- What you think about before bed: what’s due tomorrow

- You think your best quality is: natural talent in various fields, ability to break down large amounts of work into serial sections


- Single or group dates: group I guess, all the single dates I’ve been on were so awkward, I couldn’t stand it
- To be loved or respected: respected
- Beauty or brains: depends on the person and their relation to me
- Dogs or cats: dogs


- Lie: sometimes
- Believe in yourself: usually
Believe in love: yes
- Want someone: sure


- Been on stage: again and again since I was 5
- Done drugs: no
- Changed who you were to fit in: I used to pretend to like hockey to fit in with my sports oriented and male dominated family. that lasted about a year. my cousins just learned to play video games with me instead of asking me to play hockey

- Favorite color: somewhere between seafoam and teal, the colour of rosalina’s dress
- Favorite animal: I’m not great with animals, probably dogs
- Favorite movie: star trek 2009
- Favorite game: kingdom hearts 2

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Well you're cute
harmonykitty harmonykitty Said:

thank you friend, I try

do I ever try

I think we just had a tiny earthquake